Sunday, December 31, 2006

And a Happy New Year

To all of you.
May you make more of a difference in the coming year than you did in the last.
May the route to peace be found.
And the road towards the saving of the world be trod upon.
May life succeed where death has failed.
And may the love of God shine upon balloons from:

Saturday, December 30, 2006

my namesake

I chose my pen name surname from that of a character in a very good book that I read ages ago by Douglas Hill the character appears in the Last Legionary series and is called Keil Randor.
Someone was asking about my name so I went and looked and so here you have it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Chirstmas

A very Merry Christmas to you.
Have fun, sing carols and remember its true meaning.
A nativity from

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Creative commons licence

Everything on this blog which I hold the copyright for is now available under the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Creative Commons (cc) licence.

be Free! :-)

World's biggest offshore wind farm approved for Thames estuary site

From The Guardian
Plans to build the world's largest offshore wind farm off the coast of south-east England were approved by ministers yesterday in a move that could eventually bring 341 turbines to the Thames estuary.


Nano-welds herald new era of electronicsNew Scientist
Tom Simonite
The world’s smallest construction site is taking shape in a laboratory in Switzerland, thanks to the development of new welding techniques that work at scales of a billionth of a metre.

Worldforge Screenshots

I have uploaded many more worldforge screenshots to my picasa webalbums and you can find them here.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Expansion at Heathrow and Stanstead.

Guardian article
The government has approved expansion of Heathrow and Stanstead. This is bad, air travel needs to be reduced not increased. Hypocrites, *sigh*.
What can I say.
There now I feel a bit better. :-)

Post offices closure

Save the post office, old lady and teenager sign petition to save the post offices. from article
Ministers unveiled plans to close 2500 Post offices.
My local post office may be among that number. But even if I still lived in London I would despair at this. thousands of people rely on these post offices, some places have terrible public transport (like around here) some people cannot drive and have no one who can drive them, these people are unlikely to be able to afford a taxi regularly(few people can).
All the profitable work that post offices and the royal mail did has been taken by other companies in the name of a free market and so it only has the unprofitable stuff left and so looses money because it HAS to do the unprofitable stuff if it is asked to.
Pensioners used to et their pensions from post offices but they were (almost) forced to have it sent to bank instead - and banks are even less common than post offices, especially in rural areas, many of those who need post offices are not computer literate and would be confused by telephone banking.
It is very Sad to see all these post offices being closed.
and that the post offices are loosing £200 million a year.

Back To Blogging

Blogging picture, angry man and teenager blogging from is the Christmas holidays now
I have more time.
I can blog again with no fear of being caught and blocked from blogging.
And there is news that definetly needs blogging about
there has been some very bad news recently and I must stand up and be counted.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I have been suffering from a headache that consists of feeling like my brain is too big and too hot because cotton wool has been shoved into it.
Twice today I had two crushed paracetamol tablets suspended in a small amount of water, this tasted foul and had to be washed down with a couple of large glasses of water, which made my stomach feel pressurised as well :-)
This evening another attempt to alleviate the pain 3 sachets of infant suspension :-) calpol and a tissue with a few drops of eucalyptus aromatic oil (smells like some sort of sweet possibly a type of mint - brings back childhood memories) the calpol tasted very nice strawberry flavour.
Aroma therapy is a placebo, but perhaps a clever one because though it has no actual physical effects it works on the brain - which is what painkillers do in a physical way. It is quite possible that different smells can create different feelings, certainly smells affect us more than we think.

sorry for the lack of posts busy ill CBA syndrome

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Making CVS work

I finaly got CVS to work enabling me to checkout all the source code from WorldForge. once I admitted defeat and checked it out to my desktop and then moved it to the folder I wanted it in it worked perfectly and page on CVS by worldforge was very useful and worked perfectly - when I did the checkout form the desktop.
22,811 files and 147mb of source code. I am impressed.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Firefox 2.0

Recently I upgraded to Firefox 2.0. which is even better than Firefox 1.5 - which after Firefox 2.0 is the best browser. Firefox is the best browser available - and I have looked at IE7 - it just is not good enough in conparison with FF 2.0.
Note that the screenshot I have posted has been fiddled using both config tweaks and customistation so that i only have 2 rows despite having the google toolbar - and I get to use that really annoying big empty space between Help and the connection thing - something I would like to be able to do in word etc.
Firefox Is cool!

64 Windows Updates

When I got round to updating my windows using windows update I needed 64 updates it took ages to download - and even longer to instal. I was quite surprised.
Windows has way too many holes that need - and needed filling.
one of the reasons why I tried to make a liveboot of Linux

Scottish English Independance

Apparently many Scottish people want independance from England. What they don't know is that it should be the other way round. Scotland won it is a Scottish(or prehaps German but definetly not English) Queen who sits on our throne. It is England that pays tribute to Scotland not the other way round - it has more money to spend than it collects in taxes.
Somewhere along the way they forgot they won and were persuaded that they should fight for their independance. Fools, there are more scottish MPs (Scottish people are MPs in English constitunancies but not the other way round - and note that Blair is a scottish name and Gordon Brown is definetly Scottish). If you get your independance your economy wil collapse. silly silly people be quiet before someone notices and hope everyone forgets or you will get something you certainly don't need and definelty won't want.

Train Again

"This Train has been fitteld with improved air conditioning for your comfort"
The loud whirring noise will send you to sleep. :P
First Scot Rail
Power sockets and free wifi should come as standard on all trains traveling more than 50 miles. rather than neither legaly. (some trains have a few plugs you are not allowed to use)

This train has been delayed due to a trampoline on the line.
Its been very wind up here. honest its true!.

Most ridiculus things blocked

  • Negative numbers
  • Resources for explaining the complexety of helicopters not crashing (e.g. helicopters crashing)
  • Chatzilla instalation link - firefox extension
  • Foxyproxy instalation link - firefox extension
  • Switchproxy instalation link - firefox extension
  • Downloading realplayer by normal methods - e.g. following links on main site.
  • A picture of an undead squirrel - and all other pictures on the svn worldforge media depositary. (includes pictures of acorns)
  • Uranus
  • Science quiz questions - physics class was doing an online quiz on the interactive white board - one of the questions was blocked. learning is dangerous :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Scottish weather

We have been having some pretty bad weather in Scotland today (26th Oct) flooding in Dingwall (pictured - bbc) cut of the A9 and the railway which cut off much of the far north of Scotland. The worst flooding since 1954 which was worse because the tides we had - highest since then were combinded with a worse storm than we had. no one died this time - many did last time. congratulations to the emergancy services.
We had 3 short power cuts (less than 1 min) power cuts are a definet incentive to put wind turbines up - it was very windy:) the only problem being that since the power available increases to the cube of the windspeed we might make more than we could deal with - but I think they have dealt with that.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

What shall I write about

Sorry for the long delay before this sudden burst of bloggin - no excuse.
I have a lot of stuff to write about so I will tell you what I will write about - and in the process work out what I am going to write

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Australian Asylum seeking policy

This from an Australian

"We have pleanty of space for asylum seekers - we just don't like foreigners - especialy if they are illegal and cannot do anything for our country. like asylum seekers."(note quoted from memory)
leaning slightly to the right?
comes of being decended from a bunch of convicts :-)
Australias policy on asylum seekers and illegal immigrants is not particulary nice.
Oh well.
at least they don't go round hunting tribes into extinction any more.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday 13th Lucky for some

Today Friday 13th which is supposed to be unlucky - because thirteen dined together and the next day (friday) Jesus died on the cross is supposed to be unlucky. However by dying Jesus saved us. I count that lucky.
Today was A very very good day for me. The best day I have had at this school.
And lots of other cool stuff happened quite a bit of which I can't post here because privacy.
And the sky was abseloutely amazingly beautiful. I like it here.
Soon I will have better internet - e.g. on my laptop. then we talk.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The laptop will return! YEY!

after an intense email dialouge that lost me another day of having my proper laptop back and iansyst saying they would not give me mine back unless I swaped it for the loan one. I finaly convinced them that since they had said last time that I could have both at the same time in order to transfer the data that they would let me have both at the same time.
*sigh of relief*
I am now very happy.
Very very happy.
I just can't wait to get cogs turning agian.
to regain direct internet acces to my laptop.
to poke the schools filitering with installed programs - with the aim of breaking it (for me at least).

Sorry for not posting recently intense email discussions take time and I don't have much internet time.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

given up on spam

I have given up on deleting the contents of my spam folder - or even looking at it - google carefully puts all the spam their and no real mail has ever landed there - 46 items there now and google can delete them for me at the end of the month.

my hotmail one has never received any - but my hotmail one is attached to the real me and consequently has few outings into the world wide web.

Google has only ever let two spam messages through to the inbox - the rest - and there have been lots have been successfully fielded.

Comment moderation

Comment moderation has been disabled to enable freer debate. The people who caused chaos when this blog first started are probably no longer watching - and if they are I hope they have grown up. I did not like having the moderation on but it was forced on me.
I am still being notified of comments so if rude and offensive ones do appear they will be removed hopefully within a couple of days.
Thank you

Friday, October 06, 2006

Teaching teachers Ipods are evil

defective by design
Recently I helped (or rather explained that DRM, Ipods, Itunes and Apple were evil while someone else who knew what they were doing helped) a physics teacher get music from one computer onto her laptop without deleting all the music she already had on it. This was done by plugging the ipod in, choosing not to let itunes synchronise it (and delete everything that the computer did not have) and then going onto options and secleting manage things manualy. This means that all the music you want to transfer accross has to be dragged and dropped (in the larger selections the better) rather than happening automaticaly. but it does beat the DRM.
In a recent survey reported by the BBC (cannot be bothered to find the link) it showed that people who use the internet lots were significantly less likely to have an ipod than the rest of the population - the reason given was that there is a limited choice of stores for online music for ipods. No the real reason is that people on the internet are more likely to know that ipods (and DRM) are evil.

There is a whole campaign - called Defective by design (ipods are defective by design) (ooky picture.

DRM means DynamicDigital Rights Management and is where evil companies prevent you from being able to copy music onto devices etc and impose limitations on it through their evil software.(thank you Zzorn for the correction - others see comment)

Iridum makes rubbish laptops

I have extracted the name of the manufaturers from iansyst. Iridium make really rubbish laptops do not buy Iridium laptops they break!
Iridium laptops do not have the screws stuck in properly so they fall out, the CD/DVD drives fall out and they generaly break.
Iridium take ages to fix laptops because they run out of parts due to so many laptops being broken
Don't buy laptops from Iridium!
even if they look cool.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

annoying IT

he he :-) I enjoy annoying IT by asking them why stuff keeps on being blocked or not working (such as Nasa image of day and mp3 files and BBC radio player) not that they have responded...
They like feeling loved. They just keep blocking stuff until people notice (wry smile)
(smiles sadly)

(from the worldforge IRC channel)

On the plus side iansyst say they have my laptop back and want a couple of days to 'thoroughly test it' I hope for the best

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The chapel stirs

The chapel stirs
As trickling through the door
The rising murmur
As the people
The church waits
For the word
Waiting expectantly
For the joyful rejoicing
For the heart felt praise
Of so many hearts
To the one who makes
Them rejoice
The one who made them.

‘The most important issue we face’

‘The issue is urgent. If there is one message I would leave with you ..... it is one of urgency.’ PM Tony Blair.*

A while ago I did work experience at BP(Alternative Energy)
I was asked what could stop Global Warming. I went through the list: solar, wind, wave, tidal, geothermal, heat pump, random kinetic, biomass, hydrogen, carbon sequestration, ENERGY EFFICIENCY.
I ran out, many of these technologies are in early stages and cannot be used on large enough scales quickly enough. 300km2 of today’s solar panels could power the world if they were in the Sahara desert – but we don’t need power in the Sahara desert and who would foot the huge bill? It would not be enough anyway of the resistance in wires.
If we really tried, an Apollo program sized push, war production levels, we could do much, enough? No.
That is my conclusion – we cannot save the whole world. Hundreds, perhaps hundreds of thousands of species will be wiped out.
We will get 3 degrees more – even if we stopped now – and we can’t. 1degree is too much for the permafrost, bye bye permafrost. Catastrophic comes to mind, Positive Feedback Loops!
Millions of people will die, for all the efforts of humanity. The whole world will suffer for our folly. All we have left to decide is whether millions die or hundreds of millions. The difference between a major catastrophe and an absolutely massive humongous catastrophe. It will be bad. Do you want your World horribly over cooked or burnt? That is the decision You must make.

*I do not often preface my work with a quote from a fool but here at least he is saying the right thing – even if he does not act upon it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thrice stupid but not forever dumb

Today I felt very stupid on 3 occasions.
This morning I found that after lending my laptop to someone the night before they had watched a DVD on it - I thought the sound was broken and that after exaustive checking for software volume things that the problem was with a slider thing on the side and that the person who I had lent it to had found this straight away. I had come to the conclusion that the sound driver was broken because it was coming out realy realy quiet and had to be boosted on headphones to be heard at all.
In core maths I got my indicies muddled up and ended up with 6-3/2 - 63/2 = k rather than 63/2 - 63/2 = k = 0 and the problem was not managing to do 2 - 1/2 which is pretty stupid.

After deciding that my bedroom floor was much to dirty and I would have to hoover it, going and finding a hoover in a cupboard and carefuly hoovering the floor (and the desk because it was getting dusty in places) and taking the hoover back to the cupboard where I found the cleaner who said that she was going to clean my room tomorow this made me feel very stupid.

But I got 23/24 in my chemistry test and got my little fighters AI in my computer game to make it so that they only shoot if they are pointing near the enemy (to within 40 degrees each way) the only bug with that is that it does not shoot if it is pointing at the second nearest one but not the nearest 1 ( but when it is attacking it is pointing at the nearest one so this won't matter unless the fighter is being attacked from multiple directions anyway - and with object avoidance and being shot at from each side it is probably dead anyway) Not dumb just sometimes stupid.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The darkened fields

The darkened fields
go flying by
hidden by the rain
and gathered cloud
as the sun sinks
far far away.

Out of the mist
trees loom, quickly passing
as the train travels on
passing on
as the light fades
on the humming rails
over moors
through valleyss
Scotland passes by
the glass pane
a barrier
growing stronger
as the light fades
reflecting an enclosed world
Striving to keep out reality.

The world reaches
into hearts and minds
will not be held out by
a pane of glass
but while the journey
travels on.
through a landscape
of beauty seen
though a clouded pane
clouds low lying
dropping their load
gently onto the
expectant hills

and though I know
the world trembles
here it steems only
the train.

Knowing the folly
of mankind could
destroy it.
hoping it will be saved.

not ready, not yet
not now.
'will you ever be ready
will you truly be done
the time's been set
the day will come
and you'll not be
but you might be saved'

One should not sleep through ones alarm

It is a bad idea
It causes breakfast to be rushed and muscle burn to occur in the muscles of the jaw. This is an interesting experience.
Thankfuly someone started practising music after they had finished breakfast and this woke me up. My first thought was 'what a nice way to wake up' my second was 'what is the time' my third was 'ahhh!' further thoughts were muddled by high speed dressing followed by running followed by fast eating. but everthing was fine so everythind is alright.
I do have other posts to post - I just don't have all of them with me.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

When the sun is shining

When the sun is shining
and I'm having fun
I'll cycle cycle, cycle on.
or cross the fells traverse
and over sparkling water go
and down the frothing river

but when its
raining dreary
I'll stay inside
or as yet
walk between the drooping trees
and think.

Or prehaps.

When the sun is shining
and I'm having fun
I'll cycle cycle, cycle on.

but when its raining dreary
I'll stay inside
or as yet
walk between the drooping trees
and think.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

People listening to music on the train

on ipods with big speakers

Background music on trains?
Ugggh. And not even good music just annoying music – since when have we had to listen to horrible music on trains? People can listen to their own music that they like but forcing everybody to listen to horrible music… why? And it does not ven stop for the announcements. The guard of the driver fancies themselves a DJ? Not that there is any talking but the music changes a lot.

Actually it was the person sitting in front of me with big speakers bouncing it off the ceiling that made it sound like it was coming from the overhead speakers. But it seemed so strange that I stood up to check and saw instantly. Has this person no concept of personal space or noise pollution? On busses in London they sometimes have posters asking people not to be too noisy with their music and play it through their headphones so loud that other people can hear – to be considerate. But here on the train someone is using speakers.

But it is a grown up and I have not the courage to ask them to stop. From hair colour estimating 40-50+(and he listens to Bob Dylan not the worst but dates him) White Male. There is hardly a peep out of anyone else. *sigh*. He is giving such bad press being so inconsiderate. Occasionally he sings along and that is even worse – oh and explanation – he brought his own alcohol not that he is drunk just slightly less in control.

Oh well enough complaining already.

Enough complaining for a while in fact.
I will make a concious effort to be positive and to make your day more enjoyable.
The world may come crashing down but we will go down fighting - with a smile on our face.

Spacefighter will rise again

better and stronger than before. We are doing in maths vectors and differentiation again and so I will go back to basics an rewrite my problematic gravity code. I worked it out on paper anyway.

It is really annoying to have lost the sourcecode though the only link still working to internet based ones is the googlepages one that is the exe and the only one I ever gave to someone else to test was an exe. Though perhaps if I am lucky there might be an early version on the main computer J my hopes rise again.

Ha I found an old version - it was before I invented planets or lots of graphics and types of ships - but I have the minimap and the player conroled ship. Yey.

annoyed at the stupid manufacturers

Now I can be even more annoyed at the stupid manufacturers not only did they format my Hard drive when it did not need formatting but they failed to fix my laptop. They sent it back to Iansyst who when they were trying to reinstall found it still had problems – I had got all my hopes up thinking that it would be back Thursday or at the latest Friday but I will probably still have weeks to wait. AHHHH!!!

While my laptop was being fixed Iansyst had said that it probably would not be formatted and that it was very unlikely that it would be. When they got it back they said that of course it would have been formatted that is what Manufactures do. Ahh!

Accidental deletion.

While trying to delete the old version of windows messenger from my computer I accidentally deleted among other things Windows Media player and Internet Explorer. But not Windows messenger. You have to UNCHECK the tick boxes in the add/remove Windows components and I unticked everything I did not want to unistal. OOPS. Well I managed to get Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer reinstalled again - but I think some other things on that list won’t come back with out the disk – because rechecking the boxes and doing it again did not work – got windows media and internet explorer back but not some other things – it said files that were there weren’t there - I could find them and look at them but it said that they were not there. *sigh* I don’t use Internet Explorer I used Firefox but there was a gap in my desktop where the windows Media player icon should be. It took me a couple of minutes to work out what had happened and a couple more to work out how it had happened (I did the thing that did this earlier and it worked on restart (I am not really that supid)).

Oh well Panic over.

I won’t be making that mistake again. One should be careful what one does to ones operating system. – but that wizard was really stupid it was as if they thought that no one would try to use it, not designed for someone who had never used it before to use.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hardrive formatted

My laptop which I had to send of to be fixed has had its hardrive formatted.
I am still shocked - there was nothing wrong with the hardrive.
I now have 22 programs to reinstal!
and I have lost the source code to Space fighter - after all that work - and all the graphics I had made and collected for it.
And anything else that was in program directories.
I wanted to do something when I found out though I am not sure what I found out Monday or Tuesday I have calmed down since then. I am still angry at the stupid manufacuters though. when I find out who they are I will write a post about how terribly bad they are.

Oh and I found that my new list of links to posts not constrained by time is broken. I will try and fix that.
Edit: It was just the one link that was broken and that is now fixed

Monday, September 18, 2006

Poshness in Private schools? (especially boarding schools)

This topic came up for discussion during my art games option (I don’t do art but I get to do it for my games option at least until the swimming pool opens (the terrors of sub-contracting)). People who go to private schools generally are more arrogant and posh (tweed, polo etc.) It comes from it costing lots of money. This does not mean that they aren’t nice people. Everybody is really nice – but then by about 5th form people started growing up (I had despaired that they ever would) and by the end of 5th form everybody was friendly so the feeling that people might be slightly nicer here than they were at my old school is probably to a significant extend biased by the fact that I am now in LVI. But here you have to live with people every day you don’t want to get on bad terms with them.
I would definitely send my children to a state primary school and then to a school that would stretch their abilities – be that comprehensive grammar or if I can afford it private. I would not however send my children to boarding school until at least LVI unless I really had to and only would at all if they would benefit from it. I go because I did GCSEs which tie into A-levels not Highers (and A-levels are better anyway J).
So I have rambled on long enough I think.

Munro Club

Recently I went on the Munro club and it was fun.
We climbed up two mountains! A small one and a big one next door. We climbed vertically 1200m (lots of down in between the ups (a computer program calculated this we are not that sad))
For the majority of the time we were climbing through cloud. Which meant we missed the wondrous beauty of the Scottish countryside in terms of the views. “When the weather it good there is nowhere I would rather be” to quote one of the other people. It was still fun even if we were walking through cloud. The pace was faster than I am used to when hill walking with family and we did not stick to the paths so much – more taking a short cut straight up and scrambling along sheep paths. There were some nice bilberries en-route and we were provided with pack lunches which contained a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a bag of crisps, a chocolate bar, a can of fizzy drink (cococola zero is just as disgusting as the diet) and I was given at least 2 snack sized chocolate bars when I ran out of food. I also took 3 chocolate digestive biscuits with me and half of one escaped into the bottom of the bag and was crushed into a paste over stuff that was in the bottom – not nice.
When we had lunch we had it in a nylon shelter thing which is a bit like a large upside down bag that you sit inside – there were five boys in total + one leader (perhaps girls don’t like hill-walking?). It was amazing how much warmer it was inside the shelter with the wind taken out of the equation and 5 people inside (not enough space for the leader to fit in as well).
My trainers are still soggy and I should be using walking boots next time though even people wearing those got soggy feet. It did not really rain but the damp was penetrating.
All in all I enjoyed it – though I hope for better weather next time.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


The IT department is preventing me from saving changes to the layout of my blog!
So I am stuck with stuff in the wrong place and looking stupid.
It does show off the new link list I have made but that is supposed to go right down the list below archives - bah.
curses on filtering by IT departments and on DRM because that is evil to.
And They block BoingBoing which I think could tell me how to get round the filtering - they were right they said they were being filtered by filter companies and they are - evil filteres.
haha I managed to add boing boing to my google homepage - so if they tell me how in a new post then I can use that.
They also block a page that tells you how to instal a program to get around filtering called circumventor.
so this is the page to get around stuff.

I have found the list of things you can be blocked from or for

Inappropriate software – password crackers, credit card fraud utilities etc.
Time wasting
Denial of service
Explicit material
Bandwidth consumption
Software piracy
Unauthorised use of confidential documents

Representatives of the BPI Anti-Piracy carry out surveillance of Internet sites and traffic, looking for instances of illegal music use, with a view to possible prosecutions.
For your information, the following activities are illegal, if done without the express permission of the copyright owners, and could lead to prosecutions and disciplinary action:
· Making a copy of a CD that you own, (done)
· Copying songs from a CD that you own on to your hard drive or any other storage device,(done)
· Making a cassette tape from a CD that you own, (I have copied music from a casset to my computer does that count?)
· Copying a CD belonging to a friend,
· Sharing music files across a network,
· Engaging in file trading of music,
· Downloading music from the internet to your hard drive or any other storage device (done but legaly)

All music is owned by someone. A company or an individual owns copyright to the music. There is copyright in the composition, the lyrics, the arrangement and the sound recording. The term of copyright protection lasts for 70 years after the composer dies, so all the music you are likely to download or copy will be protected by copyright. Under the law, only the copyright owners have the right to reproduce their music or sound recording.


For example: it is a violation
to misuse Internet Relay Chat (IRC) software to allow users to hide their identity, or to interfere with other systems or users (the purpose of IRC is to allow conversation between people without them having to know each other or be sure of the others identity)
to send chain letters (oops I have done in the past - but only good ones)
to leave your computer logged on and unattended (I have certainly done that - not that it is connected to the internet or passworded or anything)

Oh and the stupid IT department has managed to write protect the folder we are supposed to put stuff in we want to share with other people at school. silly people.

Watching Rugby: school Rugby.

Violent fast moving game.
Lots of people jumping on top of each other in big piles. I don’t know the rules.
I do know that every player playing is better than I would be, and that must confer some kind of respect.
I am watching two games simultaneously though I could be watching three. I don’t know the score or who is winning. Apparently the relative school sizes are important and are against us. I think the tide is against us on at least one of the games though we are putting up firm resistance.
The ball just smashed into the stand beside me and a few moments later it was tumbling from great height down the slope in front of me and hit someone on the back.
Ohh first injury one player off. That is why they need subs. I did not see what happened. In the game with the first injury we had been forced into our 22 and the other side scored a try 5: nil down the other game is going much better only 1 : nil down. (I know a little of the technical terms from a bit of rugby training I had before I got myself transferred out to do other things instead).
There is definitely a reason why they wear weird helmet things, crashing headfirst towards the ground does not look fun.
70 minutes is a long time to sit in the cold – mental note next time wear a coat; this is Scotland.
Now I see why the headmaster told us to be courteous and sportsman like in assembly rugby is an emotional game.

Award assemblies – long and boring.

Prize giving and book signing ceremonies where you have to clap continuously are tiring as well as tedious.
Followed by class crosswords! At last my reading of fantasy comes in useful the person who stands in duel(I have not explained this well) is called a second. And I know what tacky means (like glue was the clue). Anyway I know words. :) (note both pictures are random)


Recently I did my first kayaking on a river which was also my first kayaking for a while. It is much more interesting kayaking on rivers than on lakes. Much easier to capsize – you have to adjust your edge using your knees especially when crossing the current if you let the current side lean down then the pressure will build up and you will flip.
I managed to do the whole long trip without capsizing despite not having a bung (I did not realise this till I got out). I did however have to get out and walk for a shallow bit – I was not going anywhere and was only damaging the bottom of the kayak.
Kayaking is fun.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The etiquet of Kilt wearing

Today (last Sunday (notepad post)) was the first day I had to wear a kilt. I found there is more to it than I first thought.
Firstly you have to wear a sporn with your kilt otherwise you are not decent (despite wearing a pair of shorts and pants underneath) secondly you have to wear garters on you socks to stop them falling down. The socks are long reaching almost to the knee.

Wearing a kilt is an interesting experience. The bobbles on the sporon beat like a small drum as you walk. I can easily se the disadvantages of wearing skirts when you sit down you have to smooth your kilt underneath to prevent sitting on it in an uncomfortable way - and crumpling the back. Also it is more airy than trousers and so chilly in cold weather. Which makes it hard for me to see how it came to be the national dress of Scotland which is often cold; especialy in the morning. I can however see that skirts could be an advantage in hot weather.

When Kilts were first made they were big enough to ve the blanket for two people and they were more like togas and therefore much warmer.

Kilts can cost from 200 - 400 pounds (the pound sign is not working when you press it you get # ahhgrh) but I got mine for 40 pounds on the inerenet (nylon rather than hadmade wool) . You also have to wear a kilt Jacket with it and that cost over 100 pounds - extortionetly expensive, and very itchy. I feel more than slightly stupid wearing a kilt.
It is a long way ot Edinburgh in a rattling bus, nice scenerey and sky though.
Please bear with the low frequency of posting - I don't have much time and getting to an internet connected compueter is harder than usual.

Still no scanner working! and all they need to do is login! :(

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Boarding school

I have now started at boarding school for the first time and I will now tell you about it.
Boarding school is... interesting.
The boarding house is far enough from the main buildings for it to be worth cycling there - but you aren't allowed to but it is not to far to walk.
I like the IT department better than the one at my last school already - despite their accidental failure to create an account for me at the beginning was swiftly remedied and I found that the space available on the system is all that you will need and that the only limit they put on you is that if you put lots of music on it then it will be deleted.
Also it is apparently possible to install programs onto the computer without administrator access. something I am thinking of taking advantage of before they fix it - if they intend to fix it.
ahh it seems that hole may have been fixed humbug.
But complete school coverage with wifi network and lots of space still great - I think I should recommend them some free software software seems to be a department which is lacking.
Okay the IT department is lazy and incompetent.
it still has not managed to make the @ key work - it is still found under the " key.
It still has not managed to get a single scanner to work - and all it needs to do is to log on as an administrator and then plug the stupid scanner in.
It has discovered all the problems with cloning - even cloning computers - a computer stuck in continuous restart was cloned and so the poor teacher lost address books and stuff. at least one computer does not have a sound card - how is a teacher supposed to show a video without one?
The food is certainly more fatty and salty than I am used to - worse than my old school and much worse than home (where salt and fat are down to fanatically low level (DAD)). Chips every day this week for supper - and a couple of times for lunch as well (cook was ill or something and this should not happen normally) but fried eggs, hash browns, cream, bread and butter pudding made with butter (it does not need the butter). The food is however quite nice, and I can have grapes with every lunch meal. which is nice.

Sorry for the late arrival of this post - I started it ages ago but my loan laptop has no Internet connection as it has no wireless ability and it is not worth upgrading it as when I get my normal one back after the inordinately long time they have spent fixing it. More to come soon.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The smell of burning chicken stock

Is not very nice and if you smell it just before going to bed it is a very good Idea to go to the kitchen and turn off the hob. That bit I did right but poring water from a glass onto the smoking chicken stock was not such a good idea. but everything was all right in the end - though very smelly.

I have been a bit busy getting ready for going to bording school and have been distracting myself from nervousness with webcomics which I will tell you about when I can but at the moment I have to go. hopefuly I will be able to post again soon.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Inverness Swimming pool Highlife

This is an email I have sent to info at invernessleisure dot co dot uk but information contained within it is important to remember generaly.

I am writing concerning the security of the personal information provided by users of the High Life membership scheme. This information contains a photograph name, address and telephone number and credit card details which could be used by identity thieves if it is not properly secured. Is the data encrypted at the storage level? Who has access to the data and are they vetted for a criminal record etc.
The use of remotely readable cards to carry information is dangerous as it is possible to create a fake remote readable card if the card has passed within 25cm of a thief's (boosted) RFID scanner. A criminal could also wipe or change the details on the card.
It is very important that all personal information is securely held and as limited as possible because Identity theft is a self perpetuating crime where the criminals are making so much money that they can afford to have their own research and development people to work out how to extract personal information in order to make more money and unless those companies who are collecting the money keep it securely they could have the data stolen and their customers would loose money and the company would loose face and possibly be sued. You have my personal information (under my real name) and I want to make sure it is well protected.

Yours sincerely
Max Randor

Monday, August 28, 2006

read the sign it says

Paper Only!

I was recycling some paper and look what I saw inside the recycled paper container. If you look carefuly you can se expanded polystyrene sheets. There was also some cardboard which you can just see in the top right of the opening.
We removed the polystyrene sheets and cardboard (with difficulty) but someone is very stupid and rude or cannot read putting polystyrene sheets in the paper recycling could corrupt the whole lot and make it unusable. It is also illegal since someone who did something similar to their concil recycing (we don't have door to door recycling) was charged for corrupting 300 peoples recycling. (recycling in the Highlands is not very good the only place to get paper recyclins is Invergordan there is an industrial estate there where someone does paper recycling.

Sometimes I feel...

Sometimes I feel like someone is inventing new stuff and then changing the past so that it has been there years. On this occasion I heard about House yesterday and saw an advert in a magazine today – apparently lots of people have been obsessed with it for ages – but I don’t watch much TV especially not Channel 5.

I found out about IRC on Worldforge and saw it mentioned in a blog a few days later.

I know this feeling is wrong it is just that you don’t always see things until you know they are there and also because lots of clever people are inventing things and they may have been around years before they reach my attention and by that time they are probably going somewhere in the world.

Thus ends my pad of paper blog posts series. 1660 words. I hope you enjoyed it.

but the title just cried out for this
... Sometimes I don't :)

The return Journey

The continuing tragedy of Virgin Trains (episode 2)

The local train from the station near the camp was fine with plenty of space and luggage room (this was a not a virgin train).

However the Virgin train to Edinburgh was terrible fully booked with seat reservations all the way to Edinburgh and despite my seat reservation I ended up sitting on my bag in the vestibule, there was an elderly man in the seat I had reserved and he needed it more than I did. It should not be possible for all seats to be fully booked and the additional passengers which pay more for valid tickets which work all day have no where to sit. Also neither of my bags would fit in the overhead racks and the small luggage sections were full to the ceiling. There were additional complications caused by an irate passenger (who had also been annoying on the previous train) who complained that she would faint or have an epileptic fit if she could not be provided with a seat. (standing up causes epileptic fits? I think not). She resorted to insulting England and English people. Slightly loopy I am afraid. Oh well.

I asked if it was possible to advise the management of Virgin trains that not allocating all seats through reservation and then having additional passengers but instead reserving a few seats for the additional passengers might prevent repeats of the severity of the problem.

I was told that I could try but that there were “government plans to reduce the number of trains running and so it would only get worse and I should make the most of it”[approximately] this from the manager of the train. (what the government has to do with the decisions by virgin trains of how many trains they run I do not know – though perhaps they could be reducing the amount of subsides paid to Virgin)

Soon afterwards the slightly loopy lady complained that the train manager had been extremely rude to her after the manager had managed to create a seat and persuade her to move and sit in it (the lady did not want to squeeze along the corridor). The lady then proceeded to be rude to surrounding passengers which I later learned caused much hilarity. The train manager was not even in the same carriage when this supposed rudeness occurred. As I was originally writing this the train manager was phoning up to see if a policeman could get on at the next station and remove the lady because she was “upsetting everybody”. I pity the poor employees who have to deal with this.

One of the train crew agreed that ‘it is often like this’.

Train crew and passengers should not be subjected to this for the greed of the higher management.

Oh and the doors do not check whether anyone is between them before they close – lots of slightly squashed people. :)

A policeman came aboard at Carslie to try and remove the loopy lady sensitively she left but the manager was unsure whether she had reboarded but then she saw that the lady was on the station as we were leaving and so someone else will have to deal with her.

The plastic bag the lady left behind was disposed of in the bin, no one wanted to find out what was inside.

All the vestibules I can see are packed with standing people.

But Virgin does have Fair trade sugar. PR I think.

I took them up on there offer of a complementary drink and the orange juice and biscuits distracted me for at least 10 minutes.

At Lockerbie the train got even fuller and I do not think many people got off – though lots got on.

1 hour on the train from Lockerbie to the next station standing in a hot overcrowded vestibule. I do not anticipate this to be fun.

I usually like travelling by train, less hassle (especially with all the airport security checks) better for the environment… but travelling by Virgin trains is pushing it. Ahh my poor knees I will delve again into my in search of knee braces and hope that the weird pins and needles like pains that assault me after wearing wetsuits don’t get too bad.

The Scottish countryside however is living up to its usual beauty.

I think seeing me scribbling away in my notebook may have unnerved the crew slightly but they were all nice. I pity them the most as they have to do this every Saturday and probably have other journeys on other days. I know that this is the last weekend of the Edinburgh festival but this is no excuse if more people want to travel run more trains.

The strain lessened slightly at Haymarket but it is only a few minutes from there to Waverly.

Freedom at last 1 hour 20 minutes to eat my packed lunch before my connection leaves.

Thus ends episode 2 of the Tragedy of Virgin trains.

My GCSE Results

can be viewed by those who know me on my private MSN blog.
it boils down to 4A* 6A and 2 B

What would I do with £200 million?

(this was brought on by hearing that someone got £200 million in a divorce payment – impossible to spend?)

First I would put it in a bank – or perhaps several and make it a trust fund with myself as trustee and use the interest above inflation for renewable energy projects for peoples home offering and additional 30% grant on top of what the government offers which would be paid back twice in the excess electricity sold back to the grid or a fixed payment until it is paid back twice (if the electricity sold back is too low) – the payment would still be cheaper than buying the electricity or heat. I would also use it for other worthy causes and to make a state of the art energy efficient house when I need one. Putting the money back in later of course.

Virgin trains (episode one)

Not Enough Luggage Space!

Trying to fit more people in by having smaller luggage racks. I most definetly do not understand why the overhead racks are curved so that bags don’t fit in them. (perhaps the air conditioning?) argh, and I had to wait ages for them to open the doors – not as if they were doing anything inside. But having electronic displays rather than paper tickets stuck into the seats to show reservations could be good but the way they have done it means that a seat can look like it is vacant if someone has not used it for one part of the journey you are on but the fact that someone else has booked it later is not shown – and the positioning means that people sitting in the seats cannot see it. And also the insissent announcements encouraging you to upgrade to 1st class for ‘£10-20’. Fortunately the company was good do it was still an interesting journey and the scenery was great as well.

I had an interesting read of “Disciplines of a Godly Man” more of that later when I have finished it.

Ahrg overzealous air conditioning making it so cold you have to wear a coat is stupid and the doors cannot stay shut when the train rocks and open slightly before shutting again.

Paying toilets

It is not good that the toilets at Edinburgh Waverly are paying ones and that you have to scrabble around in your pocket for a 20p piece then wait in a queue before getting to some dirty toilets with no toilet paper, especially since most of the users will be spending a large amount of money on tickets anyway.

The Journey out

“All luggage on seats will be charged at the full adult fare’! I suppose that is one way of increasing the number of available seats.

Why did the guard pull all the luggage out from the racks by the door up onto the overhead racks. A little old lady could not reach her luggage (though later when she wanted to get up she did manage to get it down with difficulty).

The reason I did not put my bag in the overhead rack was because it was big and heavy and I did not want to drop it on someone’s head when I took it down or to lift it up in the first place

While I was away I wrote posts onto a pad of paper and I am copying them up onto Blogger.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Going away again

I will be away on a scripture union camp from tomorrow (saturday) until the following saturday and so I will not be able to post during that time sorry.

Also I have moved to the blogger beta because it has categories which should remove the need for several blogs and copying and pasting between them to make it easier to find stuff.
so there are still a few problems in the beta such as the navbar and normal blogger users posting comments under their user name. unfortunetly it is impossible to change back and so I hope these problems are fixed as soon as possible.
Hmm now where do I assign categories - I will go exploring.
See you next saturday and have fun!

Ahhgh I cannot find it and I don't have time to look through the help files now. - but they have feeds for comments! yey! and also for individual posts! :)
I need to use their new template layout things as well - and I definetly don't have enough time for that now. bye

3/4 of Palestinian children want to be suicide bombers!

3/4 of Palestinian children want to be suicide bombers!!!!!

According to a survey of 1700 Palestinian children by a psychologist in Palestine. This data is from last nights newsnight which you can watch or listen to online. This is very very bad news, if the children are ready to die then this conflict will not end. It will continue forever unless everything changes. Both sides are locked in conflict and held there by the conflict itself. Either Israel which is the only side which is coordinated enough to change changes its entire strategy and reaches out in love rather than in hate, of there will be war between them forever until one side is completely destroyed down to the last child. There are 1 billion Muslims. Israel cannot kill them all and if it tried then we (the rest of the world) would have to stop them. They would have to perpetrate a holocaust 333 times worse than the one they suffered. If they are not capable of this they could not do such a thing and would not want to do such a terrible thing. but after many generations locked in this struggle they would be destroyed. There are more Arabs than Jews and their number is growing faster. When one father has four wives! and 54 children! and the Jewish people are more restrained then they cannot hope to succeed if nothing else they will be outnumbered and out-bred. In the long term Israel cannot win, in the short term it can kill lots of people but in the long term they will loose. Israel I know your history I know that with God 300 can defeat thousands but is your God with you? Will he rain down meteors for you? Will he change the flow of time for you. Did he clear away your enemies before you? Does he prevent you from stumbling? Does he bring down fire from heaven at the call of your prophets. Where are your prophets? Where are your Judges of old? The anointed kings you demanded. Is he with you. At the end of a 2000 year exile you cried out to him and went home. With him you can withstand anything but throughout your history you have been conquered and exiled you turned away from him and so after warning you and when you ignored his warning he turned away from you. Only the guilt and pity of the West has sustained you thus far. But you have made enemies more numerous than yourselves. Enemies who will fight to the death and with their blood poison you.

Israel you must find again your appointed king and with your God you must wage the war of ideas you must love your enemy or they will destroy you. Or are you prepared to fight to the death? Knowing that you will loose? The only way out of this mess is love. And if you fail your God made you from one man children of Abraham remember he had another son Ishmael remember also Esau. Where are their children? in Palestine? Lebanon? Jacob fought Esau in their mothers womb. But would he kill Esau? Will you kill his children's children?

And if your enemies are not the sons and daughters of Abraham. they are the sons and daughters of Noah and before that Adam and Eve. Will you kill family? However far removed or will you mend again the broken bonds and stand together. There is only one way for Israel to win the war and it is harder for every missile they fire. Winning the war would I think be the greatest achievement in the history of humanity. Remember if you have the Creator of the Universe on your side anything is possible for he so loved the world that he sent his one and only son to die to save the world.

Will you choose love and life or hate and death?

Will you hear me at all?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A shock to the system

My recent move to Inverness from London has been a bit of a shock to the system. You should not have to wear a jumper and two pairs of socks in august!
However that was only for one day. The rest of the time then one pair of thick socks and a jumper suffices inside and putting a coat on is good for outside. There have only been about 2 days in which it has not rained in the three weeks we have been up here. That does not mean that there has not been lots of sun it just means that the weather is more unstable - it changes more every time you look out the window the view is different because the sky has changed and whether or not you can see which of the distant mountains.
It is usualy much more windy but some days the sea of the moray firth is as still as a sheet of glass with hardly a ripple. The Sea! Still! watching a sand castle (they do have sand up here) assulted by a sea with no waves is quite scary even without waves it easily overwhelms the defences that can be thrown up with sand - eventualy it over tops them (the only sand on the local beach is near the bottom and the tide rises several meters above the highest point of sand).
It is beautiful up here and there is a different walk for every day of the week with a few spare as well. It is 8 minutes to the nearest Tesco (though bread fish and other perishable stuff is half rotten or stale by the time it reaches Inverness) so going to the nearest farm shop provides nicer food that actualy tastes of something - but they do not sell everything.
In short I like it up here but it will take a while to get used to the temperature. I am sure Global warming wil sort out the temperature at the expense of making the weather worse and doing so much damage to all sorts of things that it is not worth it.

Monday, August 14, 2006

My position on the Middle east Crisis (updated)

Belated publication yes but long held

Firstly Israel is making a huge mistake.
The military option is not an option that can solve the problem it will only cause further terrorism and it will achieve that through causing immense suffering.
Secondly even if Israel had decided to be so stupid as to decide on the useless military option they are using entirely the wrong tactics and strategy they are playing right into the hands of the terrorists. You have superior technology and firepower use it stupid don't bomb people and cities and villages and bridges and roads and infrastructure. Don't try and put Lebanon back 20 years in time you stupid fools. If you are going to blow anyone up blow up the people firing the rockets. You have the technology. You have cruise missiles that can travel almost at the speed of sound and hit the correct target with devastating power. You have radar systems that can track a tennis ball traveling at mark 3 hundreds of miles away. And that is with one warship that warship (launched recently from somewhere in Scotland the HMS Illustrious) can then hit that tennis ball with a missile. Why then does Israel not make its radar systems capable of detecting and tracking every single missile that Hezbollah launches and calculating the position of launch hit that position with a cruise missile in less than 30 seconds(It doesn't because each cruise missile costs £1.2 million and each Hezbollah rocket costs a couple of hundred). Turning every missile launch into an expensive suicide mission would quickly lower the number of strikes (and any computer connected to the Internet could then become an air raid warning speaker). I place this plan just to show the stupidity of their current military plan (except I did not consider the cost) . Of course this plan would not work it would not stop Hezbollah it would just win the battle and not the war. In the process it would bankrupt Israel and anyone who was prepared to support them but hey.
The Palestinians and Lebanon are the victims victims for is not the bully frequently one who was bullied? This is not an excuse but it is the cause all through their history Israel has been persecuted it was exiled to Egypt, Babylon, Persia and by the Romans all over the world. 2000 years being its longest period of exile and all through that it was persecuted. Then again it returned and this time as when they spent a while in Egypt their land was populated by another people and this time as before they drove the people away. They could have lived together in peace but they chose terrorism - Israel became a nation through kidnapping soldiers and blowing people up. If only Israel had listened to its prophets long ago instead of killing them. But so would any people.
Israel must reach out its hand in peace to the government of Lebanon if they are not strong enough to fight Hezbollah and disarm it if they are not lords of their own castle then Israel must help Lebanon it must stand beside Lebanon and ease its path letting Lebanon choose its own destiny and then helping it get there. Rather than putting Lebanon back 20 years it should put it forwards 30 for all they destroy must be rebuilt. They must not make another victim. They must be and raise up Lebanon as a beacon of peace, freedom and prosperity in the Middle East. They must ask for forgiveness and repair the damages they have made. If terrorists stand against you be not terrorised. Open your hearts and let the whole world see the love inside. And if the unruly and dirty children laugh at you and throw stones take them by the hands and wash their feet feed them and give them clothes teach them justice. But if you close your hearts and kick them in the face they will hide behind the tree and mug you when they are grown.
A cause is not an excuse but it still needs to be solved.
But I am like another prophet speaking in the desert and we all know what happens to those - they get their heads chopped off. and for this I think a wry smile.
Remember Solomons temple was built with cedars from Lebanon provided by the friendly king of Lebanon let it again be as it was before with Lebanon and Israel united in trade and in war against a foreign aggressor let them fight together the battle of ideologies together they may defeat terrorism but divided as so many dry twigs they will be broken.

Okay this post has been updated scram-jet has been changed to cruise with the corresponding change in speed because scram-jets are not yet anywhere near production. I also learn't that cruise missles cost £1.2 million and this means that my plan would be ruinously expensive. My excuse is that I thought that since such a large volume of military material is being bought for the wars in the Middle east the price must have gone down.
Apparently the HMS Illustrious does not have such a good radar as I thought I thought from what I was told that from Scotland it could track a Mark 3 tennis ball over the English Channel - maybe I misunderstood.
Ooh and look pictures of big explosions nice and dramatic.


by Sir John Betjeman (1930s ish)

Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough
It isn't fit for humans now,
There isn't grass to graze a cow
Swarm over Death!

Come, bombs, and blow to smithereens
Those air conditioned, bright canteens,
Tinned fruit, tinned meat, tinned milk, tinned beans
Tinned minds, tinned breath.

Mess up the mess they call a town -
A house for ninety-seven down
And once a week a half-a-crown
For twenty years,

And get that man with double chin
Who'll always cheat and always win,
Who washed his repulsive skin
In women's tears,

And smash his desk of polished oak
And smash his hands so used to stroke
And stop his boring dirty joke
And make him yell.

But spare the bald young clerks who add
The profits of the stinking cad;
It's not their fault that they are mad,
They've tasted Hell.

It's not their fault they do not know
The birdsong from the radio,
It's not their fault they often go
To Maidenhead

And talk of sports and makes of cars
In various bogus Tudor bars
And daren't look up and see the stars
But belch instead.

In labour-saving homes, with care
Their wives fizz out peroxide hair
And dry it in synthetic air
And paint their nails

Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough
To get it ready for the plough
The cabbages are coming now;
The earth exhales

Now this Is quite an old poem and so some of the words may not be known to all readers
Cad is an impolite word for someone who chases women (I did not know this one)
I do not think there are any other particulary dificult ones and if you don't understand them read more old stuff some old words really are quite good.
I hope you enjoyed this poem because I did.
An aristocratic home grown terrorist? No I think I agree.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rose Tinted Spectacles

Shall I look upon the world
With rose tinted spectacles
Seeing not the pain and sorrow

Or shall I with ice coated ones
Stare out upon the world
Seeing not the joy and laughter

Or with mirror coated ones
Thinking only of myself
And hiding from the world
See not the love of others

Or with ones that look behind
Seeing only mine and others pasts
Not caring for today or the morrow
Seeing not the changes coming

Or in short sightedness
Living today for tomorrow we die
And seeing not the bigger picture

Or again in long sightedness
That the smaller joys in life are
And caught by misty cobwebs

I would see the good, and the
Bad – not to dwell on but to change,
Learn from the past
But look to the future
And here and now I
Will write this poem
Seeking a very strange
Pair of spectacles
For my eyes are not enough.