Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I have been suffering from a headache that consists of feeling like my brain is too big and too hot because cotton wool has been shoved into it.
Twice today I had two crushed paracetamol tablets suspended in a small amount of water, this tasted foul and had to be washed down with a couple of large glasses of water, which made my stomach feel pressurised as well :-)
This evening another attempt to alleviate the pain 3 sachets of infant suspension :-) calpol and a tissue with a few drops of eucalyptus aromatic oil (smells like some sort of sweet possibly a type of mint - brings back childhood memories) the calpol tasted very nice strawberry flavour.
Aroma therapy is a placebo, but perhaps a clever one because though it has no actual physical effects it works on the brain - which is what painkillers do in a physical way. It is quite possible that different smells can create different feelings, certainly smells affect us more than we think.

sorry for the lack of posts busy ill CBA syndrome

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