Monday, August 28, 2006

Sometimes I feel...

Sometimes I feel like someone is inventing new stuff and then changing the past so that it has been there years. On this occasion I heard about House yesterday and saw an advert in a magazine today – apparently lots of people have been obsessed with it for ages – but I don’t watch much TV especially not Channel 5.

I found out about IRC on Worldforge and saw it mentioned in a blog a few days later.

I know this feeling is wrong it is just that you don’t always see things until you know they are there and also because lots of clever people are inventing things and they may have been around years before they reach my attention and by that time they are probably going somewhere in the world.

Thus ends my pad of paper blog posts series. 1660 words. I hope you enjoyed it.

but the title just cried out for this
... Sometimes I don't :)

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