Friday, October 27, 2006

Scottish English Independance

Apparently many Scottish people want independance from England. What they don't know is that it should be the other way round. Scotland won it is a Scottish(or prehaps German but definetly not English) Queen who sits on our throne. It is England that pays tribute to Scotland not the other way round - it has more money to spend than it collects in taxes.
Somewhere along the way they forgot they won and were persuaded that they should fight for their independance. Fools, there are more scottish MPs (Scottish people are MPs in English constitunancies but not the other way round - and note that Blair is a scottish name and Gordon Brown is definetly Scottish). If you get your independance your economy wil collapse. silly silly people be quiet before someone notices and hope everyone forgets or you will get something you certainly don't need and definelty won't want.

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