Saturday, September 23, 2006

People listening to music on the train

on ipods with big speakers

Background music on trains?
Ugggh. And not even good music just annoying music – since when have we had to listen to horrible music on trains? People can listen to their own music that they like but forcing everybody to listen to horrible music… why? And it does not ven stop for the announcements. The guard of the driver fancies themselves a DJ? Not that there is any talking but the music changes a lot.

Actually it was the person sitting in front of me with big speakers bouncing it off the ceiling that made it sound like it was coming from the overhead speakers. But it seemed so strange that I stood up to check and saw instantly. Has this person no concept of personal space or noise pollution? On busses in London they sometimes have posters asking people not to be too noisy with their music and play it through their headphones so loud that other people can hear – to be considerate. But here on the train someone is using speakers.

But it is a grown up and I have not the courage to ask them to stop. From hair colour estimating 40-50+(and he listens to Bob Dylan not the worst but dates him) White Male. There is hardly a peep out of anyone else. *sigh*. He is giving such bad press being so inconsiderate. Occasionally he sings along and that is even worse – oh and explanation – he brought his own alcohol not that he is drunk just slightly less in control.

Oh well enough complaining already.

Enough complaining for a while in fact.
I will make a concious effort to be positive and to make your day more enjoyable.
The world may come crashing down but we will go down fighting - with a smile on our face.

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