Sunday, April 30, 2006

Max shouts from the mountain top

You who are yet young, on the cold heights build strongholds for your children and go forth to fight the battle for their future. For when London is both Cairo and Atlantis Scotland shall be the new Greece. Build your houses strong on solid rock and give them their own power to last when the world around crumbles. Seed the fields with charcoal to make them last when their goodness would be washed away. Build the hedgerows on the contours and the jetties 11m high for there the water shall ride when the land called the green land is green once more. Build a floating Athens in Inverness and a Cairo of ships in London. For if the battle is lost we must look to the future. Fight to the last drop of blood but if we do not succeed let our children live. But when they see what we have wrought they will cry and though we wish for the world to be as it was when we were born, if we loose then, it shall not be the same for many thousand years 13 degrees is a long way to climb and it will take a long time to come back down again. If we make our own great flood to down in and light the fire to cook ourselves it is our children who will eat the bitter stew. Pray that the one who made us shall save us from our own folly.

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