Monday, August 14, 2006

My position on the Middle east Crisis (updated)

Belated publication yes but long held

Firstly Israel is making a huge mistake.
The military option is not an option that can solve the problem it will only cause further terrorism and it will achieve that through causing immense suffering.
Secondly even if Israel had decided to be so stupid as to decide on the useless military option they are using entirely the wrong tactics and strategy they are playing right into the hands of the terrorists. You have superior technology and firepower use it stupid don't bomb people and cities and villages and bridges and roads and infrastructure. Don't try and put Lebanon back 20 years in time you stupid fools. If you are going to blow anyone up blow up the people firing the rockets. You have the technology. You have cruise missiles that can travel almost at the speed of sound and hit the correct target with devastating power. You have radar systems that can track a tennis ball traveling at mark 3 hundreds of miles away. And that is with one warship that warship (launched recently from somewhere in Scotland the HMS Illustrious) can then hit that tennis ball with a missile. Why then does Israel not make its radar systems capable of detecting and tracking every single missile that Hezbollah launches and calculating the position of launch hit that position with a cruise missile in less than 30 seconds(It doesn't because each cruise missile costs £1.2 million and each Hezbollah rocket costs a couple of hundred). Turning every missile launch into an expensive suicide mission would quickly lower the number of strikes (and any computer connected to the Internet could then become an air raid warning speaker). I place this plan just to show the stupidity of their current military plan (except I did not consider the cost) . Of course this plan would not work it would not stop Hezbollah it would just win the battle and not the war. In the process it would bankrupt Israel and anyone who was prepared to support them but hey.
The Palestinians and Lebanon are the victims victims for is not the bully frequently one who was bullied? This is not an excuse but it is the cause all through their history Israel has been persecuted it was exiled to Egypt, Babylon, Persia and by the Romans all over the world. 2000 years being its longest period of exile and all through that it was persecuted. Then again it returned and this time as when they spent a while in Egypt their land was populated by another people and this time as before they drove the people away. They could have lived together in peace but they chose terrorism - Israel became a nation through kidnapping soldiers and blowing people up. If only Israel had listened to its prophets long ago instead of killing them. But so would any people.
Israel must reach out its hand in peace to the government of Lebanon if they are not strong enough to fight Hezbollah and disarm it if they are not lords of their own castle then Israel must help Lebanon it must stand beside Lebanon and ease its path letting Lebanon choose its own destiny and then helping it get there. Rather than putting Lebanon back 20 years it should put it forwards 30 for all they destroy must be rebuilt. They must not make another victim. They must be and raise up Lebanon as a beacon of peace, freedom and prosperity in the Middle East. They must ask for forgiveness and repair the damages they have made. If terrorists stand against you be not terrorised. Open your hearts and let the whole world see the love inside. And if the unruly and dirty children laugh at you and throw stones take them by the hands and wash their feet feed them and give them clothes teach them justice. But if you close your hearts and kick them in the face they will hide behind the tree and mug you when they are grown.
A cause is not an excuse but it still needs to be solved.
But I am like another prophet speaking in the desert and we all know what happens to those - they get their heads chopped off. and for this I think a wry smile.
Remember Solomons temple was built with cedars from Lebanon provided by the friendly king of Lebanon let it again be as it was before with Lebanon and Israel united in trade and in war against a foreign aggressor let them fight together the battle of ideologies together they may defeat terrorism but divided as so many dry twigs they will be broken.

Okay this post has been updated scram-jet has been changed to cruise with the corresponding change in speed because scram-jets are not yet anywhere near production. I also learn't that cruise missles cost £1.2 million and this means that my plan would be ruinously expensive. My excuse is that I thought that since such a large volume of military material is being bought for the wars in the Middle east the price must have gone down.
Apparently the HMS Illustrious does not have such a good radar as I thought I thought from what I was told that from Scotland it could track a Mark 3 tennis ball over the English Channel - maybe I misunderstood.
Ooh and look pictures of big explosions nice and dramatic.

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