Saturday, June 24, 2006

I am away this Weekend - and all next week

Posted by time traveling blogger who changed the date to a past one so that he could post a post he should have posted already.
I will be at my uncles wedding in the lake district this weekend and then on to Inverness to do work experince. So will not post anything after Friday - no internet connection :-(.
I thought I would be able to post this on Friday but I could not. Sorry. I thought I would be able to post it on Monday but I could not. Now I am on a limited dial up connection and it is the following Monday.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


random people dentistI have just come back from a trip to the dentist to have a filling in my rear right molar - and that whole side of my face and tongue is numb - which I can blame for any stupidity in the next hour - anaesthetised right side of brain! :-)
I have some advise - floss your teeth twice a week and brush them thoroughly twice a day - and if you get any ulcers or pain use mouthwash.
When the dentist is fiddling inside your mouth close your eyes and pretend to fall asleep - it is much less scary than having strange people leaning over you with strange pieces of equipment - the thing that keeps your lips open looks a bit like a hand drill with a big bit on the end.
Go to the Dentist once every 6 months - at least while you are free on the NHS. (children)
Anyway I hope this second post provides some support for my previous claim of blogging more often. :-)

The picture is not me - just some random people I found on a google search

What Have I been doing

What have I been doing while I have been neglecting you of my (poor) talents?
Well there was revision
and exams - which went well - but they finished Friday.
Then there was Revive (church weekend away)- from Friday through to Sunday - Which was great fun and we learned lots- back in time to see Doctor Who - an interesting one.
Then there was Whales - I discovered and was won over to the cause of saving the whales - (this was while the exams were still happening).
Tony Junipers article was where it started from there I was given a link to this article about the human perception of intelligence and how whales are actually quite intelligent. I sent some campaign emails to the people on the list here. I started a actionnetwork (BBC) campaign to save the whales - after finding that this one was dead (still no response) - though I did post feedback on it.
Then there was this blog article which I also have comments on.
I got a site which you can find here - and I have improved my knowledge of HTML.
I searched the internet for a free open source online computer game - and via wikipedia found WorldForge - which is very nice - though I haven't got it to work yet - for that I have stuff on these three forum topics.
Anyway I should be blogging more frequently now.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Climate chaos: Bush's climate of fear

There is a very very good investigation by Panorama that you can watch over the internet and is available from here.
This investigates claims that Bush and the White house have been censoring, editing, removing and delaying reports and papers by the scientific community on Global Warming. And also telling top scientists not to give any interviews or talks or publish anything without first getting permission. There is a great deal of censorship around - even in supposedly democratic countries like the USA.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Google Reader starred feed

I have made my starred items from Google reader public - so you can subscribe to them as a feed and read stories I find interesting.
This has been added to the sidebar as well so you can look at it when you are on my blog.
I have put the feed here - by clicking on the - read in Google reader - button you can subscribe to the feed somehow. Anyway I hope you find it interesting.
The following link is to read in google reader
This link is to read with any other feed reader.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated