Thursday, September 28, 2006

The darkened fields

The darkened fields
go flying by
hidden by the rain
and gathered cloud
as the sun sinks
far far away.

Out of the mist
trees loom, quickly passing
as the train travels on
passing on
as the light fades
on the humming rails
over moors
through valleyss
Scotland passes by
the glass pane
a barrier
growing stronger
as the light fades
reflecting an enclosed world
Striving to keep out reality.

The world reaches
into hearts and minds
will not be held out by
a pane of glass
but while the journey
travels on.
through a landscape
of beauty seen
though a clouded pane
clouds low lying
dropping their load
gently onto the
expectant hills

and though I know
the world trembles
here it steems only
the train.

Knowing the folly
of mankind could
destroy it.
hoping it will be saved.

not ready, not yet
not now.
'will you ever be ready
will you truly be done
the time's been set
the day will come
and you'll not be
but you might be saved'

1 comment:

Max Randor said...

A thirdformer used this poem to read out in English and he thought it was very good and his English teacher thought it was very good. This make me very happy. :)