Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hardrive formatted

My laptop which I had to send of to be fixed has had its hardrive formatted.
I am still shocked - there was nothing wrong with the hardrive.
I now have 22 programs to reinstal!
and I have lost the source code to Space fighter - after all that work - and all the graphics I had made and collected for it.
And anything else that was in program directories.
I wanted to do something when I found out though I am not sure what I found out Monday or Tuesday I have calmed down since then. I am still angry at the stupid manufacuters though. when I find out who they are I will write a post about how terribly bad they are.

Oh and I found that my new list of links to posts not constrained by time is broken. I will try and fix that.
Edit: It was just the one link that was broken and that is now fixed

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