Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A shock to the system

My recent move to Inverness from London has been a bit of a shock to the system. You should not have to wear a jumper and two pairs of socks in august!
However that was only for one day. The rest of the time then one pair of thick socks and a jumper suffices inside and putting a coat on is good for outside. There have only been about 2 days in which it has not rained in the three weeks we have been up here. That does not mean that there has not been lots of sun it just means that the weather is more unstable - it changes more every time you look out the window the view is different because the sky has changed and whether or not you can see which of the distant mountains.
It is usualy much more windy but some days the sea of the moray firth is as still as a sheet of glass with hardly a ripple. The Sea! Still! watching a sand castle (they do have sand up here) assulted by a sea with no waves is quite scary even without waves it easily overwhelms the defences that can be thrown up with sand - eventualy it over tops them (the only sand on the local beach is near the bottom and the tide rises several meters above the highest point of sand).
It is beautiful up here and there is a different walk for every day of the week with a few spare as well. It is 8 minutes to the nearest Tesco (though bread fish and other perishable stuff is half rotten or stale by the time it reaches Inverness) so going to the nearest farm shop provides nicer food that actualy tastes of something - but they do not sell everything.
In short I like it up here but it will take a while to get used to the temperature. I am sure Global warming wil sort out the temperature at the expense of making the weather worse and doing so much damage to all sorts of things that it is not worth it.

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