Friday, August 18, 2006

Going away again

I will be away on a scripture union camp from tomorrow (saturday) until the following saturday and so I will not be able to post during that time sorry.

Also I have moved to the blogger beta because it has categories which should remove the need for several blogs and copying and pasting between them to make it easier to find stuff.
so there are still a few problems in the beta such as the navbar and normal blogger users posting comments under their user name. unfortunetly it is impossible to change back and so I hope these problems are fixed as soon as possible.
Hmm now where do I assign categories - I will go exploring.
See you next saturday and have fun!

Ahhgh I cannot find it and I don't have time to look through the help files now. - but they have feeds for comments! yey! and also for individual posts! :)
I need to use their new template layout things as well - and I definetly don't have enough time for that now. bye

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