Friday, April 14, 2006

The Nuclear option – not an option

Definitely not nuclear and never nuclear.
It can never be safe enough, it can never not produce radioactive waste and it will produce CO2 when being built and throughout its life. Fission power if utilised fully would run out in 15 years.
Fusion looked good and is probably still worth investing in but 50 years is an optimistic estimate for it coming on line - and it is even more prone to melt down - if the magnetic field fails it will melt very quickly - think of the heart of the sun in an eggshell - just kept from touching the sides by a magnetic field - H bombs are much more powerful than A bombs. Therefore a fusion plant melt down will be much worse than a fission plant melt down.
The future is renewables - solar, wind, wave, heat pump, tidal, geothermal, hydro, random kinetic.
The sooner the better the larger the scale the better and mandatory to the greatest possible extent.
Also efficiency and lots of it - efficiency increases year on year for everything possible.
In the civil war on Global Warming failure is not an option.
I would live to see the morrow and like living there.

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