Thursday, August 10, 2006

I’mmmmm Back

I am very very sorry for my extended absence but Orange and BT conspired against me and the wheels of corporate beaurocarcy took almost a month to turn. I think it was BT more than orange because they could not cancel the old people who used to live in the house we have moved to's broardband account until we had been here two weeks. But orange did not tell us we would need to do this when we called ten days before we moved and so we spent 13 days waiting for the line to be cleared and only one waiting to be connected - but orange had those 13 days to get ready.

Getting ready for moving and the moving itself took up another few day as well.
I would also like to mention their stupidity and time wasting nature of the system and the fact that domestic users treated as second class and have much longer delays than commerical users.

Anyway I will be getting back to exisiting on the internet again. I tremble at the thought of reading through my feed reader it will have grown very long indeed for such an absence.

I will be blogging soon.

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