Saturday, April 15, 2006

Injustice - an attempt and poetry - and philosophy

I wrote this a year ago for reasons I cannot remember.
I think it is quite good - but then that is me. :-)


The world is not fair
I tell you
The world is not fair.
That you can be
For what you have not done
Have preached against
Have fought against
It is not fair that
Could fill you so
Full of pain
And guilt that is not yours

Why o why can the truth
Just be free.
Undeserved punishments
And others pain
In a dying world

Of the greedy and vain
Of the fierce and starving
While the good die alongside
The bad
Is that fair?

But we brought it on ourselves
So cannot complain
It is our fault that we are punished
For what we did not do
So here we stand
Justice brought by injustice

Or so it might seem to some
But no that justice is
No longer needed

So see the light and take the path
For the price of our suffering
Has been paid and all that we miss
Will be brought back in the end
Ten times as great.

See the world and let it sing
The song of happiness forgotten
Of forgotten times between the stars
Of peace and beauty unsurpassed
Of the perfection that was
And still lingers on
Look and see the hidden beauty
That lies there

Take the time to sand and stare
And see the beauty hidden only
By our minds
And see the world again
As if for the first time
And wonder at the beauty here
And think that this
Was made by
And know the light that shines.


Catz said...

Wow Max, good ideas, v.good ideas, but verses not same length, not good
structure, and ure meant to say 'oh' and not just'o'

W. H. Auden said...
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Max Randor said...

w.h.auden - look up the definition of rude - please

Anonymous said...

this is a masterpiece, Max, I think that you should write more!