Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I could cry - for beauty broken

I could cry
For beauty broken

As the world
Whistles past
The window pane

All around
The world I see
Amazing beauty

But here and there
The touch of man
A flaw
On a perfect world

Slowly fading from the world
Bushes growing
On cutting slopes

sometimes beauty greater
than before

But still the taint of man
It spreads

Beauty returning
But I could cry
For beauty broken

Written on the train last weekend


Luz A. Ramos said...

You are a very talented writter. I enjoyed reading your poems, I can tell they come from a deep place. God bless you.

Zanna_x said...

You write poems. I like poems. People laugh at mine so I don't dare show people lol. Your poems are nice. More meaningful than mine lol.

Max Randor said...

Thank you - that is what blogs are for showing stuff you would not show normaly saying stuff you would be scared to say - for on the other side of the computer screen you can't see their face.

Zanna_x said...

I have another blog somewhere which I might have put poems on but my friends read it and would laugh/yell at me and I have this blog 'cos my dad has one and wants me to have one that he's allowed to read lol. So can't really put anything on either lol. Nice to read yours though.

Max Randor said...

My friends read this blog - I only put my best poems on there are lots more which are not good enough it is quite scary sometimes but I try to post somegthing each day and if there is nothing else to write about I post a poem - it helps to keep things interesting. :-) at least I hope it does.