Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Just in case anyone liked the Chinese government.
They operate on prisoners while they are still alive to remove organs to sell for transport - they do not use anesthetic. - this is not nice to say the least. - the prisoners frequently die during the operation - their crime - what they believe.
(source Epoch times reliable?(enough data was shown for me to believe it))
They also lock people up because of what they believe (not just Christians)
All they care about is money - the doctors who cut people up without anesthetic do not know what they are doing is wrong.
Oh and they use the dead bodies to make products for sale - for some reason this reminds me of the human skin lampshades of the Third Reich.
I would not recommend China as a holiday destination - nice country - nice people - extremely bad government.
And the guardian today (20/4/06) had an article about this - you heard it from me first.
guardian article here
Oh and they use dead prisoners skin to test cosmetics - not that I would ever buy cosmetics - but maybe they should be labeled - tested on dead people and then all the animal rights extremists can go over to China and defeat communism - LOL. Oh the Chinese also operate on living animals - they skin them alive.


Mao Tse Tung said...
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Max Randor said...


Max Randor said...

ha - my school is not near inverness - but please read my MSN blog for the reason I must delete yours.

Anonymous said...

maximillion, you cannot say that you do not use cosmetics.

mystery admirer said...

Spot Cream. Hydrogen Peroxide die

Max Randor said...

The kind of cosmetic I was refering to was things like lipstic excetera that are just there to make you look different (make up frequently makes people look worse) but yes I suppose that I do use shampoo, and ant acne stuff - anti acne stuff could probably be counted as medicinal but hey. - what I mean is that I don't intend to buy make up! I will try to take people as they are rather than what they are pretending to be. I think that testing on animals for medicinal purposes can be justified but testing on them to produce a better blusher etc. is ethicaly wrong.