Monday, May 01, 2006

Musical glitches

*************ahhhhhhhhhhhhh****** I just accidentaly deleted half my template and published it without half the code and so lost all my changes - aahhhhhhh- I had to choose an new one to replace it I lost everything wahhhhh**************
I am just starting in html and have run into some problems.
I am trying to have the possibility for people to play music from the web page.
I have made 3 attempts using different code that I found but none of it worked properly and I don't know how to make it work - could someone please help?
I first tried with the EMBED tag - but this is not the standard and so I tried the object tag as another website suggested. now I have two different browsers to choose from - IE and FireFox. with the first code IE worked on my computer but caused the browser to close on the main computer :-) though MSN explorer worked on the other computer. the second code failed generally. and the third code has very interesting effects. on FireFox the quick time plug-in ends up with a question mark over the control panel bit and IE has a thing for scrollable text but no controls - which is weird - I thought it worked yesterday. Now the three versions of the code should be below if not - I don't know how to make it display the code rather than executing it - so I am putting it in from the compose mode and hoping that works. oh dear it didn't. - but the third official version displays the name of the song. - Instead I will turn all the triangle brackets to ( ) ones and see if that works. anyway any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

(embed src=" file_info/download1.php?file=5480_How_Many_Know.mp3" autostart="FALSE" volume="50%" align="middle" height="60" width="240")

(embed src=" file_info/download1.php?file=5480_How_Many_Know.mp3" height="60" width="144")

(object type="audio/mp3" standby="Loading Audio" data=" file_info/download1.php?file=5480_How_Many_Know.mp3" height="46" width="144")
(param name="src" value=" file_info/download1.php?file=5480_How_Many_Know.mp3" valuetype="data")
(param name="autostart" value="false" valuetype="data")
(param name="controls" value="ControlPanel" valuetype="data")
(p)5480 How many know(/p)


Anonymous said...

dont understand all the comp language, but the music does work, only problem is it stops once you exit the main page.

Max Randor said...

Yes I fixed it sort of - there are now two different codes running the first and the last ones - I learn't a lot fixing this but it is still not perfect - I think it no longer causes IE to crash but it still does not work in Firefox