Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another attempt at poetry - Racism has no place

I wrote this a whie ago, anyway read on

White Mixed Asian Black - Red

Red is the colour of my blood
Red is the colour of me
Red is the colour of unity
You my brother are also red

When spilled your blood
Also glistens wetly on
The ground

Again a brother spilling
His brothers blood
On the thirsty ground

Again a brothers skull broken
Like that first time
Long ago

That brothers blood soaked
Into the first corn field
Staining the ground red

The thirsty ground
Chokes on the sticky
Red blood

Drowning on the blood
Of millions
spilled by their brothers

all are brothers by the blood
and if you spill
anothers blood

Whatever the colour of
Their skin

Their blood is red to

They are your brother

And you spill your brothers
Thou shalt not murder

And the creed and the colour
And the name don’t matter
All are your brothers.

By Max Randor

Oh and I'm back


Shoes said...

Your quite a poet Max, the weekend just wasnt the same without such daily installments.

Anonymous said...

Maxo, do you have a middle name?

Max Randor said...

Thank you.
No but you could suggest one.

Anonymous said...

Red? Damn Communists.

Just kidding

and oh mat lies said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Max Randor said...

Where do I say anything about odious monsters - a healthy dislike for odious monsters is good.
Who thinks the last verse should be removed?

Anonymous said...


Max Randor said...

Very clever 'R' I just thought you were talking a load of rubbish - you were but it was very clever rubbish - now you know the rules - I am very sorry but your comment has to go - I will be even more careful in future.