Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Go out there and vote – if you possibly can

It is your future – if you do not vote then you are denying your right to have any say in anything.
Politicians don’t need to worry about people who don’t vote because people who don’t vote don’t care – they worry about people who do vote and use their vote to have their say. You can make a difference vote on May 4th. – (UK only :-) )
If you don’t want to vote for Labour or Conservative because they have been stupid recently vote for someone else votes for other parties such as Lib Dem or Green are much more effective at scaring them into being sensible than apathy.
Of course if you are too young better luck next time.
Never ever vote BNP – bunch of racist idiots.

You see I can't vote but wish I could - they should lower the voting age to 16 and teach us about government in school - you never know we might learn something :-) - personaly I would choose Labour or because they have been so stupid and Iraq etc. maybe Green possibly Lib Dem - but I can't choose the option is not aviablable - Give me the vote already :-)


Anonymous said...

Vote the Official Monster Raving Looney Party! FTW

Max Randor said...

If you are a monster raving loony.
However if you are not a psychiatric case - vote for a party that at least pretends to be sane.

James B said...

Hmm I never u saw u as the political activist type, first the Boycott and now this? :O! Watch out Inverness...