Friday, May 12, 2006

Phew assisted murder bill stopped

To my great relief Lord Joffe's bill to make killing patients a treatment for terminaly ill patients if the patient requests it has been stopped by the house of Lords.
For a moment there was confusion and the BBC said that the bill had been passed my heart sank like an atom bomb - it still had a few thousand feet to fall when the BBC realised that the bill had not been passed but instead an ammendment to the bill that prevented it from passing had been passed which meant that the bill had failed.
I will explain why I am against assisted suicide/murder in terms that everyone should be able to understand.
Sometimes when people are ill - prehaps terminaly ill and in pain they want to die this can persist for weeks, months or even in some rare cases years. However these people can later decide they don't want to die - they can change their minds - they can decide that they would not have like to have been killed when they asked to be. By telling doctors that if they are asked to they must consider killing their patients puts unbearble pressure on both the doctors and the patients.
Case Study: Hitler and the Natzi party.
First they started with Euthanasia - assisted suicide
then they killed disabled people
Then the Holocaust.

It is a very slippery slope - a slope made all the slipperier by the blood spilt on it - at the bottom there is a bath - filled with blood - I don't want to get wet.

Now there are many other reasons - if these are not enough then I will explain the rest I can think of. Everyone has a right to life and all their lives they have a right to life - they do not have a right to death - that is very selfish - they are denying their future selves the right to life - they are murdering themself. They are hurting everyone who knows them. Given time they will probably choose life - without it they never can.
Deciding to kill someone is murder even if they ask you to do it.

And in other lighter news the second chapter of my story set in roman times in another universe is uploaded and ready to read - leave your comments to that to.


Zanna_x said...

Hey, did you know that pic you have of Death is from Terry Pratchett's Discworld? You can tell from the Death of Rats on his shoulder. Lol.

Max Randor said...

Yes I know it is Terry Pratchets death - I got it from a fan site - it is very good.