Monday, May 15, 2006

Melting arctic and blogging ministers

Artic ice cap could disapear due to melting caused by global warming - it is the most effected area and the tipping point could be reached.

'Experts at the US Naval Postgraduate School in California think the situation could be even worse. They are about to publish the results of computer simulations that show the current rate of melting, combined with increased access for warmer Pacific water, could make the summertime Arctic ice-free within a decade. Dr Meier said: "For 800,000 to a million years, at least some of the Arctic has been covered by ice throughout the year. That's an indication that, if we are heading for an ice-free Arctic, it's a really dramatic change and something that is unprecedented almost within the entire record of human species."',,1774814,00.html

In other news I have found that the only minister with a blog is the new secratary for the environment and within a few paragraphs of his blog I decided that he probably has some brains between his ears maybe he will get something done - anyway it makes interesting reading and has made it to my personalised homepage on google (which is getting overcrowded) but hey.
anyway you can see his blog here and it will be added to the sidebar to.

The picture is of the minister.


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