Saturday, May 27, 2006

It’s a long way to fall

It’s a long way to fall
From that great height
But fall you must
And fall you will
For the mountain you build
Its falling apart
The rock its crumbling with lies
The mortar eroded by corruption
And another great
Falls down
Locked in an
Everlasting war
With an enemy
It helped to make
With each blow it makes
Its enemy grows stronger

And it grows weaker
And this once great
Destroys itself
From greed
For all empires fail
And this is past
Its time
And I
In an empire already
Look on you in pity
And wonder
How far you will
Pull us down
With you
For you
Our child
We have leant upon
And now you crumble
As we did
And we fall to

Perhaps take comfort
Your successor
Has built their empire
With rotting wood
And already
Begins to shudder
But the whole world
Leans on them
Perhaps another
Of our wayward adopted children
Will succeed you

But the future is not known
To men and women both
And so we shall wait and see
For anything could happen
Even in America

There is always a price
For freedom
Don’t let the price be

part of my inspiration can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Top tip for a good poem - READABLE. The poem with all the spaces between lines is impossible to get into. I couldn't bebothered reading mroe than the first few lines, even though they were not bad at all. FORMAT. Other tip is to make longer lines as they also help if the poems long.
W.H. Auden

P.S. what I read was good though :)

Max Randor said...

the spaces between the lines are due to blogger inserting extra line spaces