Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What Have I been doing

What have I been doing while I have been neglecting you of my (poor) talents?
Well there was revision
and exams - which went well - but they finished Friday.
Then there was Revive (church weekend away)- from Friday through to Sunday - Which was great fun and we learned lots- back in time to see Doctor Who - an interesting one.
Then there was Whales - I discovered and was won over to the cause of saving the whales - (this was while the exams were still happening).
Tony Junipers article was where it started from there I was given a link to this article about the human perception of intelligence and how whales are actually quite intelligent. I sent some campaign emails to the people on the list here. I started a actionnetwork (BBC) campaign to save the whales - after finding that this one was dead (still no response) - though I did post feedback on it.
Then there was this blog article which I also have comments on.
I got a site which you can find here - and I have improved my knowledge of HTML.
I searched the internet for a free open source online computer game - and via wikipedia found WorldForge - which is very nice - though I haven't got it to work yet - for that I have stuff on these three forum topics.
Anyway I should be blogging more frequently now.

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