Wednesday, June 21, 2006


random people dentistI have just come back from a trip to the dentist to have a filling in my rear right molar - and that whole side of my face and tongue is numb - which I can blame for any stupidity in the next hour - anaesthetised right side of brain! :-)
I have some advise - floss your teeth twice a week and brush them thoroughly twice a day - and if you get any ulcers or pain use mouthwash.
When the dentist is fiddling inside your mouth close your eyes and pretend to fall asleep - it is much less scary than having strange people leaning over you with strange pieces of equipment - the thing that keeps your lips open looks a bit like a hand drill with a big bit on the end.
Go to the Dentist once every 6 months - at least while you are free on the NHS. (children)
Anyway I hope this second post provides some support for my previous claim of blogging more often. :-)

The picture is not me - just some random people I found on a google search

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