Thursday, April 26, 2007

It seems our nation crumbles

It seems our nation crumbles
the rock on which we stand
slowly chipped away
by those who should protect it.
Screaming in frustration
as another rock falls
from a wall build over ages
built with bones
and sealed with blood.
And broken by fools
with little pieces of paper
by cameras in dark corners
by whispers in the street
for in the dark halls of power
fools are undoing
what took wise men years.
clinging to power
by destroying democracy,
with a war on terror
not seeing
that if you know no fear
you are not afraid
if you are not terrified
you are not terrorised
if you stand for truth
you cannot tell lies
If you stand for justice
you cannot see injustice done
if you come in peace
you cannot leave in war
If you live for greed
you will die with nothing
and your legacy
Tony Blair


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Max Randor said...

If no one speaks then we deserve what will happen to us.

mmrriad said...
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Max Randor said...

mrriad all very intersting but I think you are a spambot
oh and at least the first few proxies use the word proxy in their url (when you actualy try to use them) and so are blocked